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What is Ultimate? Ultimate is a non-contact sport that requires a combination of
agility, speed and quickness to play. It is played on grass and combines the best
elements of soccer, football and basketball. Teams play 7-aside with a 175-g Frisbee
and there are no referees, judges or linesmen.

Resources for all players -
Ultimate in Ten Simple Rules
The Basics of Ultimate
Spirit of the Game
The Flight of the Frisbee
The 10th Edition Rules
The Callahan Rules
Other Resources...

Wanna play pick-up?
Happens every Wednesday 5pm, Friday 5pm, Sunday 3pm @ Lakeside Park (click on field name for a map & directions).
For more information look at the message board or ask Daiva Villa 250.505.5494 daivavilla@hotmail.com.

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